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Ways of Seeing

1972 4 x 30’

John Berger’s BAFTA Award winning series on perception.

Pig Earth (Omnibus )

1979 50’

with John Berger, based on his stories of peasant experience, with photographs by Jean Mohr

Parting Shots from Animals (Omnibus )

1980 60’

developed from essays by John Berger, in collaboration with Chris Rawlence.

About Time

1983-85 Channel 4/3rd Eye 6 x 52’

co-devised and directed with Chris Rawlence, about the meaning, experience and our conflicting ideas of ‘time’: ‘Time is Money’, ‘Time and a Half’, ‘Holy Days’, ‘Moonshine’, ‘Uncertain Times’ and ‘Once Upon a Time – with John Berger’.